The mission of Westcliff School of Business is to provide quality academic business programs so that our graduates can perform effectively in a global business environment and respond to the challenges posed by a demographically diverse work force. Designed for adult students, the College of Business programs allow advancement in education for working students in today’s business world. A convenient schedule with minimal core requirements allows for quick completion. Theory-to-practice is the chief objective that our professors try to implement. With experiences ranging from entrepreneurs to corporate leaders, our College of Business professors will prepare you for the real world.


Westcliff College of Business programs are comprehensive programs designed to meet the needs of working professionals and employers for high quality undergraduate and graduate management education. Effective management in organizations requires an understanding of complex global forces, practical leadership skills, ethical behavior and the universal business functions of financing, producing, marketing goods and services. Westcliff College of Business programs foster state-of-the-art approaches to managing in diverse organizational units and settings.


Westcliff College of Business strives to spawn graduates with the following capabilities: mastery of advanced concepts in business administration; to be prepared for responsible positions in management; to develop enhanced skills in leadership, interpersonal communication, and management; to have an understanding of the various changing and sometimes conflicting arenas (e.g. economic, environmental, ethical, legal, political, societal, organizational, and technological) in which business must not only operate, but to which successful managers must adjust and adapt; to have an understanding of global markets and the global economy, especially as they affect the domestic economy; to demonstrate enhanced competency in communication skills; to demonstrate improved competency in analytical methods and procedures, as well as electronic and related skills; be able to function effectively as members of an organizational team; and to understand and integrate knowledge from the functional areas of business (accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, statistics, and quantitative management).

College of Business

The Westcliff College of Business offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in Business Administration. Both the BBA and MBA degrees are meant for working professionals who want to further their careers in business, whether they are pursuing jobs in management or wish to become business owners themselves.

The cornerstone of a Westcliff University business degree is the development of analytical reasoning skills that are immediately applicable to the real world. Our students graduate with the ability to critically assess a company and its challenges, and to generate creative solutions that are grounded in business principles. Equally important, our business students increase their understanding of the global business community and become more attuned to market trends and thus entrepreneurial opportunities.

When you enroll in the College of Business, you can expect to refine your communication skills, particularly in making presentations and leading group discussions. While all classes include a lecture component, a high level of student participation and case study analyses are the hallmarks of our business programs.